Network Implementation: Lincoln Park Zoo Testimonial



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Vertical: Amusement Parks
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Our expertise and instant access to expert level technical resources provided a smooth integration of services for our client.

"Sayers is always there to provide technical expertise and give us new ideas."

Rena Solano, Chief Financial Officer

Lincoln Park Zoo is a free, privately managed institution focused on the care and conservation of its animals while providing visitors a unique wildlife experience in the heart of Chicago.


"We first engaged Sayers to help with network outages and were quite surprised with what a great job they were able to do for us..."


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IT historically functioned as an operational necessity for the zoo, but they chose to implement a strategic technology initiative that would help find new and unique ways to advance their mission of "connecting people with nature".


"We no longer are worried about network-wide outages. We have stability throughout the network and, when there is an issue, the team is quickly able to identify and resolve it."



Lincoln Park Zoo engaged Sayers to initially remediate some current network issues, conduct assessments of their systems, and provide product evaluation services to support their new technology initiative. We additionally provided mapping assistance for the zoo's new complex, public wifi network.

Partnered with Sayers, Lincoln Park Zoo procured and deployed Aruba Networks products to support a brand new managed network strategy and public wifi network. Sayers also helped stabilize and secure the entire infrastructure. They now have solutions in place to enrich the visitor experience and develop long-term plan to improve customer engagement.


"They worked in great detail with our staff to come up with the best coverage of our zoo, which is complex, making sure all along we would have a secure network once we were done.