"Lab as a Service" puts firewall solutions through a robust evaluation.

Multibillion-dollar chemical company finds elements to successful network security solution leveraging Lab as a Service (LaaS).

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Timelines met in a timely fashion.

Discover the advantages decades of experience can bring.

A focus on IT platforms, not IT components.

Our expertise and instant access to expert level technical resources provided a smooth integration of services for our client.

The right formula for next generation firewall solutions.

When a client needed a firewall to handle SCADA protocols in an Operational Technology (OT) environment, Lab as a Service was leveraged to test and report on these unique requirements—enabling the client to confidently choose the right network security solution. 

Sayers Cybersecurity Lab Testing Services

Putting a multi-million-dollar lab to the test.  

How flexible lab testing led to a breakthrough in finding the right network security solution in a short timeframe.

When a global chemical company went looking for assistance to find the right firewall protection due to lack of resources to do a thorough audit of solution options, they turned to Sayers. Our Lab as a Service (LaaS) offering provided custom testing scenario's, detailed analysis of the down selected solutions and the capability to clearly outline best-case options all within an accelerated timeline.
Sayers Cybersecurity Lab tested a variety of scenarios, including specific SCADA protocols in the client's OT environment, while leveraging IXIA's PerfectStorm ONE platform along with other networking security technologies to mimic situations necessary for accurate testing and emulation.
Proof of concept for a next generation firewall that is built around the client’s security concerns and requirements, so they can expedite their decision-making process and upgrade their security infrastructure.
The Lab as a Service (LaaS) Features Performed:

  • Efficacy at load
  • Architecture validation
  • Protocol specific analysis
  • Throughput/load verification
  • Product comparison testing
  • Workshop & training opportunities
  • Latency, visibility and vulnerability testing
  • Encryption/Decryption and Performance Analysis


Sayers SSL Visibility POC


Building chemistry between validation and accreditation. Sayers engineering expertise provided the client with the information they needed to make an informed product purchase.

When a client is lacking resources to make a strategic, detailed assessment, or struggles to validate technology integration, the Sayers Cybersecurity Lab is a service that has dedicated engineering resources to maintain the lab and provide customized environments that result in accurate testing.
The customized documentation and product suggestions was provided to this client within just a few weeks—well within their tight timeframe.
Sayers Cybersecurity Lab Services: Assessment and Tools
Reduced time during the test phases
Lab equipment availability
Sayers Cybersecurity Lab Services: Management and Operational
Minimization of policy, procedures and legal hurdles
Sayers Cybersecurity Lab Services: Risk Managemet
Prove Specifications and claims before acquisition