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    April 07, 2021

    “It Can’t Happen” Happens All The Time

    There is a distinct line between being confident and being presumptive. The problem with presumption is it often presents itself as certainty but is a misguided sense of confidence that can blind us to reality.  

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    March 31, 2021

    Ransomware: How Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions Can Help Minimize Risk of Ransomware

    It’s no secret that hackers and data thieves are becoming more creative with their breaching efforts. Whether it’s a cleverly disguised phishing email or troublesome malware, data thieves constantly look for new ways to get sensitive information.  

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    October 25, 2019

    Teachable Moments in IT

    An article caught my eye this week. It involves the unfortunate circumstances in the city of Baltimore, but it’s a valuable lesson to any organization (link below). In short, a combination of ransomware and poorly managed backups wreaked havoc on the City of Baltimore.  The unfortunate situation is ...

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