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Business Continuity and Top Management are Inseparable posted an analysis by editor David Honour of a crisis communication statement made by National Grid CEO John Pettigrew following a wide-area power outage that occurred on August 9th, which was the largest to occur in the UK for over a decade. The analysis scrutinizes every part of Pettigrew's statement, and has both positive and negative findings.


This incident is another example of why top management needs to be involved in the Business Continuity (BC) practices of the organizations that they lead. Leaders in the BC industry, such as the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), recognize that ultimately it is the members of top management that will be held accountable by stake holders when a disruption occurs. Which makes sense, because ultimately it is the members of top management who are responsible for making sure that BC practices are properly funded, embraced as part of the organization's culture and recognized as an essential part of every business activity. Failing to plan is planning to fail, and for top management failure is not an option.


Technology is now a critical component in the completion of business activities, and therefore each part of your technical infrastructure needs to be designed with BC capabilities as a necessary component. Whether you are a member of top management or an IT professional responsible for supporting the organization, if you wish to learn more about BC frameworks for building resiliency into the technical infrastructure supporting your organization's business activities, click the button below. Our experts have both the knowledge and firsthand experience needed to ensure that a disrupting event highlights your organization's preparedness instead of exposing its shortcomings.


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